GST Advisory

Evaluating the pecuniary impact of GST on businesses and product pricing, through  various standards, like:
  • Change in tax rates;
  • Change in Time and Place of supply rules for goods or services or both;
  • Analysing the impact of outward supplies including goods and services and impact on procurement of inputs / input services;
  • Analysing position on availability of input tax credits –credits on procurements of goods and services; and,
  • Basis the above criteria, assessing the Impact of GST on Company’s operations, select products and working capital.
Advise on significance under the anti-profiteering provisions under the GST laws:
  • Assessing the impact of GST on increase and decrease of the prices of products and services;
  • Advising on the appropriate pricing mechanism to be adopted considering the additional savings / burden and the
Notify on realigning the operations to ensure tax proficiency: 
  • Identify potential risks and suggest suitable mitigating strategies, associated with the identified models; to ensure tax efficiencies and credit optimisation and,
  • Representing before the Regulatory authorities constituted for Anti-profiteering.
Ensuring steps for effectively adoption of  GST updates:
  • Assuring changes efficiently adopted and having firm process of billings, devising receiving advances / payments;
  • Steering on eligibility of specific credits that could be available under GST regime and transferability of existing input tax credits;
  • Assistance in preparation and uploading of statutory Forms for Transition of credits;
  • Guidance in relation to the manner of recovering tax from customers;
  • Highlighting key areas for negotiation, with vendors / customers, pertaining to the contractual arrangements;
  • Assistance in obtaining GST registrations or migrating existing registrations